Africa - Kenya - Lake Nakuru National Park

Below is some pictures from the small National Park at Lake Nakuru, located centrally in the Rift Vallay basin in Western Kenya. Very easily accessible Africa!

No doubt where you are!

Great animals, great plains, Lake Nakuru 2012

Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, Lake Nakuru 2012

Augur Buzzard, Lake Nakuru 2012

Pelicans, lake shore, Lake Nakuru, 2012

Flamingos, and raised waterlevel, Lake Nakuru 2015

Zebra, savanna, woodland, Lake Nakuru 2012

Giraffes in impressive akasia woodland, Lake Nakuru 2012

Lanner Falcon, Lake Nakuru, 2015

A Blogpost on our 2012 visit to Western Kenya:

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