Africa - Kenya - Masai Mara National Game Reserve

Here are a picture collection from Masai Mara: Landscapes, mammals and birds in one of the worlds great places. We have been there twice, pictures from both visits are included.

Lionkill, two cubs inside the buffalo carcass, Kenya, 2015

Cape Buffalo, Africas mot dangerous animal according to locals, Kenya, 2015

Male Ostriches, huge strong, well over the long grass, Kenya 2015

Male Lion in all it's pride, guarding 20+ females and cubs close by, Kenya, 2012

Secretary Birds, strange raptors, Kenya, 2015

Dwarf Mongoose, Kenya, 2015

Large African Savanna Elephant herd, Kenya, 2015

Dick-dick, a very small beaty, a wonder it can survive among the bad ones, Kenya, 2015

Helmeted Guineafowl, Kenya, 2015

Cheeta, looking at Thomsons Gazelles = food, Kenya, 2012
Lilac-breasted Roller, Kenya, 2015

Rüppel's Long-tailed Starling, Kenya, 2015
Maasai herder, too close to the Game Reserve..., Kenya 2012

Mara River, and hippos, Kenya, 2012

Common Warthog, Kenya, 2012

Masai Mara sunset (and distant fire), Kenya 2012
Kori Bustard, Kenya, 2012

Maasai woman, preparing for a dance, Kenya, 2012
More on our trip to Masai Mara:

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