Asia - Vietnam - Tram Chim National Park

Here are some pictures from the small Tram Chim National Park in the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam. The area keep a small rest of old Mekong wetlands with a rich birding experience. Most pictures are taken from a longboat, moving, and are not totally sharp.

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Traditional Mekong delta channel, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Large fields (without rice!), with Sarus Cranes, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Little Cormorant, a common bird along the channels, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Purple Heron, finding it's balance, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Impressive birdwatching tower at the research station, Tram Chim NP. 2011

The guide and myself, watching from the birdwatching tower, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Another, even more purple, Purple Heron, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Intermediate Heron, Tram Chim NP. 2011

White-throated Kingfisher, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Waterlilies at the edge of the channel, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Pied Kingfisher, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Streaky-eared Bulbul, Tram Chim NP. 2011

Pied Fantail, Tram Chim NP. 2011

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