Asia - Vietnam - Mekong Delta

Here are some pictures from our brief travel through and on Mekong Delta, in Vietnam. These pictures focuses on people and culture, very much nature was not really left. But an enormous experience! The pictures are in no particular order. Most are in fair quality - click and view large!

A quiet channel, houses on one side, fields on the other, Mekong, 2011

Kids fishing with their bare hands (and nets), Mekong, 2011

Khmer family home, roof as well as color typical, Mekong, 2011

Living on the river, Mekong 2011

Local ferry crossing a channel, Mekong 2011

Gas Station and a "qarry" serving the local boats, Mekong 2011

Broad part of the river, all over with Water Hyasinths, Mekong 2011

Local temple, religion unknown, Mekong 2011

The old way, oars no motor, transporting lemonade bottles, Mekong 2011

Traditional handwork in the fields, Mekong 2011

Look closer: Yes, it is a lot of living pigs transported in nets on a motorbike!
Probably less then 8 tons, but still waiting for his turn on the bridge.
Mekong 2011.

Rural life on the channel, Mekong 2011

A local lizzard represents wild life, not much left. Mekong 2011.
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