Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam

Cat Tien NP is most infamous for having the last Java Rhino of the south-asian subspesiec. Shot into pieces, probably by its caretakers, in october 2010, four month before our visit. It was simply permanently EXTINCT! 

That said, it was just a great place. Accomodation was below western standards, but you just do not care, living in this wilderness is just great. And the birdlife was terrific. All common and rare rainforest species may be found, but it is hard work and a lot of waiting, walking or just sitting. And it might reveal the greatest and most colorful experience.

Arrival at Cat Tien's main tourist entry, by ferry crossing the river, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Some pictures from our visit to Cat Tien National Park in 2011 (five month after South-east Asias last Rhino was shot to extinction in this park...!):

Indian Roller, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Crocodile Lake, it takes a 5 km hike through the rainforest to get here, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Giant tree, along the hike to Crocodile Lake, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Green Peafowl, coming at dawn and dusk into the fields, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Great view from tourist balcony on the park border river, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Little Spiderhunter, after a crash into a window, flying away in minutes, Cat Tien NP, 2011
Black-and-red Broadbill, hard to catch the rainforest birds on photos, Cat Tien NP, 2011

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