America - Belize - Lamanai

A few pictures from the unbelievable place, the Maya ruins of Lamanai in Belize! Maya ruins less than 200 years old - already swallowed by, and still mostly hidden in the rainforest. 5 out of 700 constructions are partly excavated  - a lot of work to do for future archeologists at this place! Magic atmosphere!

Click on the pictures for better quality!

The highest pyramid, partly excavated, only 4 structures of 700 are so, Belize 2014

A typical Maya face, and me, a huge structure in stone on the plains, a lot of work, Belize 2014

Central-American Black Howler, very present in the palms among the ruins! Belize 2014

Black-headed Trogon, in Lamanai among the ruins, Belize 2014
The steepest pyramid in Lamanai, only front excavated, easy up, hard to get down, Belize 2014

View from the top of the pyramid, rainforest and the lake who kept this Maya City alive until 1800, Belize 2014

From the boat transport to Lamanai, huge monitor lizard hunting in the rainforest, Belize 2014

From the boat transport to Lamanai, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron at nest, Belize 2014

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